Registration to webFAKT

    Primary registration

    A registration of a new webFAKT user is provided by Skoda Auto. Within the registration process a Group ID, a User ID, a password and a language, essential for an access to webFAKT services, are allocated.

    For the registration please contact:

    A technical part of the registration and the webFAKT operation are provided by the ICT provider Teledin s.r.o. (Prague, the Czech Republic).

    The registration successfully completed is confirmed to a user via e-mail by Teledin. Once registered a free access to all supported webFAKT services is available for the user.

    Supplementary registration

    A supplier is registered by Skoda Auto as a user "group" including an access for one end user with administrator rights. The registered supplier is then allowed to register any number of end users having an access to webFAKT application within this user group. As a part of a registration it is necessary to specify a contact e-mail address of every new end user where a confirmation of a keeping the new user account is addressed to. After receiving the confirmation containing all access data an instant change of the password is strongly recommended.