Requirements for EDI Communication on PartnerĀ“s Side

Data Network TCP/IP
Communication Protocol OFTP2
Message Standard of Delivery Instruction VDA 4905
Message Standard of Dispatch Advice / Delivery Note VDA 4913
Transport Label Transport Label OTL (Odette / VDA4902)

Prerequisities to EDI Communication

ISDN addressallocated by data network provider
Odette IDallocated by ODETTE National Organisation (i.e. VDA)
Station IDallocated by VW (if current supplier of VW) or by Sitech

Set Up EDI Communication

1. Contact Sitech Mr. Andrzej Wachowski
Tel: +48 76 726 71 89

Mr. Michal Borsuk
2. Complete form Profile for EDI-communication
3. Send the completed form see Profile for EDI-communication