webFAKT Services Description

    webFAKT service is an application enabling to send e-invoices as the standard EDI message EDIFACT Global INVOIC D07A (VDA4938) from supplier to ŠKODA AUTO through the internet network.

    E-invoices must be manually uploaded to the application as files in the required format. A current status of uploaded invoice processing is displayed directly in the application, information about each file is stored for 20 days. Every invoice successfully delivered to ŠKODA AUTO is acknowledged to a particular user (sender) by e-mail. Received invoices are immediatly stored and automatically processed in ŠKODA AUTO information system. Each user has the secure access to the website assigned just to him by specifying a unique Group ID, User ID and password.

    webFAKT application itself is run by ICT provider Teledin, s.r.o. at URL . The registration to webFAKT service is the mandatory step before the first login..

    As part of registration is set the file type, which allows suppliers to use the following features:

    • to send an e-invoice as an EDI message EDIFACT Global INVOIC D07A
    • to check EDIFACT Global INVOIC message structure through Škoda Validation Portal before sending an e-invoice to ŠKODA AUTO

    The application serves as one of accepted tools for EDI communication between ŠKODA AUTO and supplier within e-invoicing process in ŠKODA AUTO. An access to all supported webFAKT services is free of charge.